"I may not be a smart man. But I know what speed is." -Forest Slump

Billy Hamilton is one of the fastest baseball players in this generation. He can hit a ground ball to the first baseman and with a slight hesitation of the fielder make it safely to the bag.
https://youtu.be/07oGjRYpEg0 ).
And the one day I found out how he has so much speed. I found out he grew wings. You want proof? Check this...
https://youtu.be/intidHFZcoY ).
Yet I feel the keys to his success, as well as his speed, lie in three key strengths: Respecting/looking up to fellow players, hard work every day, and laughter ( https://vimeo.com/100553678 ).
I may never run as fast as Billy but he continues to inspire others, including myself with his speed ethic in life.