About Me

Because sometimes you just need someone to listen...
I am now helping create a new program called "Next Listener." This is one of the strong programs initiated by The Power of Next.  Connecting and listening to others in their various life seasons is one of the things I love to do. 

Volunteer at Baseball Camps

Had a few great oppotunities to help out some younger kids at Adam Kennedy's Baseball Camps.

Mineral and Gem Hunting
My dad thought it would be a good idea to explore the greater desert area one day and take a day off of baseball.  Getting lost in the middle of nowhere was an experience I'll never forget.

Rock Climbing

It's been a while and I need to make the time to get back to this. This picture is where it all started when I was seven.

Future Interests
As I continue moving ahead and learn about who I am and what are my strengths, I keep leaning towards a future in communications. Exactly where this pursuit will end up, who knows. Yet a strong education combined with hands on experience should definitely set me up for success and fulfillment in my future endeavors.